City Target Finally Opens!

The official grand opening for the City Target was yesterday, but according to my clients and friends that live downtown, they have had the doors open for business for almost a week.  I am not one to intentionally stick myself in the middle of a crowded frenzy, so I waited a day after the big opening to stop by and check it out.

City Target is a very big deal to people living downtown.  Until now, city dwellers have no affordable options for groceries, household supplies, and other necessities of daily living.  The City Target has been a buzz in both the media and local waterholes.  No longer are we forced to pay $5 for a gallon of milk at the corner store or $2 for a roll of toilet paper at IGA.   Urbanites now have access to reasonably priced food, laundry detergent and a a new throw rug for the front entry.

It was amazing to see the looks of excitement and wonder on the faces of people shopping.  I overheard one woman exclaim “I can’t believe that Target is finally here!”.  As I roamed the three level mini-Target, I felt a small thrill.  I found myself taking pictures of the grocery isle, the expansive selection of laundry detergents, and a section of nothing but Seattle themed apparel, postcards and magnets.  It may seem silly to those that live outside the city, but having a Target within walking distance of our urban abodes is nothing short of City Life miracle!



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