House Hunting Horror Stories Volume 1

Taking out buyers to look at houses is one of my favorite parts of my job.  Today I was out with Alexa and Maggie looking at townhouses and single family homes in Columbia City.  We had finished looking at a lovely townhouse and were headed into a 1902 single family home right down the street.  As we approached the house, it was obvious that the home needed a lot of TLC.  One of the ladies noticed that a hive of bees had made themselves at home in the rafters on the front porch.  We had a brief debate and going in, and decided that we wanted to see the home even though we had to brave the swarm of bees to get in.

As we entered the home, we were immediately put off by the smell of stale cigarettes.  In under one minute, the ladies decided this was not the home for them.  The home had an odd layout, the kitchen and bathroom were in desperate need of major repairs, and even to the naked eye it was obvious that the home had foundation issues.  We were so unnerved by the home that we decided not to even look at the basement.  It seemed that we couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  On our way out the front door, none of us were thinking about the beehive we saw as we entered.  And then the bees attacked.  Maggie was the first one out the door and fell victim to a bee sting right on the forehead.  I was so impressed with how well she handled the situation.  She was able to shake it all off in just a few minutes and by the time we got to the next home it was as if the bee attack never happen.  But I can almost guarantee that both of these clients won’t soon forget the adventure we had today.

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