Seattle Waterfront

At least once a month, my friend Kristi and I take a “gossip walk”.  We like to get together to catch up on life events, get some fresh air, and burn some calories.  This weekend we decided to brave the tourists at the peak of tourist season and walk the Seattle waterfront.

It is only a bit over a mile from the start of the waterfront (The Olympic Sculpture Park) to the end (The Ferry Terminals).  If the sweeping views of the water and mountains don’t captivate you from start to finish, you can stroll through the wide variety of shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.  Get a bowl of clam chowder from Ivars Fish House, browse the pirate themed trinkets at Pirates Cove, or take a scenic cruise on the Argosy Cruise Ships.  The waterfront is also home to the the new Great Wheel, which spins you high above the boardwalk on a 20 minute rotation that awes even the most seasoned Seattleite.

What ever adventure you are looking for, the waterfront has something for everyone.  My suggestion?  Grab a friend, your sense of adventure and take a walk down the waterfront.


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