2012 Statistics – A Year at a Glance

In 1984, the catch phrase was “Where’s the beef?”.  If you asked any home buyer today what the slogan for 2012 was, it would be “Where are the houses?’  Since I have blogged you to death about the lack of inventory, it seemed like a great time to bust out some graphs and charts to take a wide view of the housing market in 2012 (and further back).

For Sale, Sold and Pending:


Wow.  December of 2011,  1,839 homes were for sale in Seattle.  December 2012, that number drops by over half to 895.  Not only are there half as many options of homes to buy, more homes are being sold.  That equates to slim pickings for buyers and rising prices.

Months of Inventory:


Keep in mind that a “healthy” market, the average is 6 months of inventory.

Now for a wider view, let us take a look at the same graphs but ranging from 2007 to 2012.

For Sale, Sold and Pending:


Months of Inventory:



Funny what a difference a few years makes…



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