House Hunting Horror Stories V2.0 – The Squatters

Just when I think I have seen it all…  Yesterday, Anna (my new AWESOME client) and I were out looking at condos for the first time together.  We were in the Northgate area looking a three different condos.  The first condo we went to was great.  The condo was cute, Anna loved the kitchen, the big windows and everything about the condo.  After amazing condo #1, we headed a bit north to a condo complex that had several units for sale in the same building.

Once we got to the complex, we grabbed the keys for two units for sale and headed in to check them out.  The first unit was supposed to be vacant, but when we got to the door, it was unlocked.  Keep in mind that Anna is little thing.  She is cute and young and light as a feather.  And I am no heavy weight cage fighter.  Between the two of us, I think we could get beat up by a group of hungry cats. :).  The unlocked door made us nervous, but we went inside anyway.  The condo was a mess and we were both on edge wondering if someone was there or if someone would come home any minute to find us in their house.  We were in and out of that condo in under 60 seconds, and needless to say, Anna was in no way interested in buying it.

Then we come to the third and final condo. This condo was also supposed to be vacant, but it turned out to have more than one occupant.  As we walked up to door #3, it was slightly open.  Boldly, we decided to knock on the door.  After we knocked, we heard a bellowing voice from inside.  The man shouted, in a deep and unnerving tone, “It’s just the homeless people.”  Anna and I looked at each other with terrified eyes and bolted for the door.  SQUATTERS!  In all my years and in all the homes I have ever seen, this was a first.  Thank goodness Anna has a great sense of humor and a resilient spirit.  No one was harmed, and as she posted on her Facebook “First day looking at condos.. and we found some squatters instead! This is going to be quite the adventure..”

It’s always an adventure….

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