Multiple Offer Situations Bring Back the Love Letter

The Love Letter.  It is as much as a part of our history as home ownership.  And in the recent, very competitive market, love letters are become a part of the strategy in becoming a homeowner.  When sellers are facing several offers at one time, savvy buyers (and their savvy agents) are returning to the practice of writing heartfelt letters to the sellers.  A letter from the potential buyer telling stories of the things they love about the house (the big backyard for the dog, the gourmet kitchen or the three bedrooms on the same level so they can be close to the kids) can go a long way in swaying a seller to choose them over the other offers.

Love letters can come in all varieties.  I have seen one buyer, after noticing how much the sellers obviously love their dogs, write a letter from their dog to the sellers dog telling “tales” of how much the dog and his new family would love living in the house.  One newlywed set of buyers wrote a letter to the sellers that included wedding photos and detailed which rooms the future children would have.  One charming bachelor wrote a note to the (obviously) single seller telling him “man to man” how much he looked forward to bringing ladies to the condo.  In all three cases, the buyers won and none of them had the highest price offer.

In this market it can’t hurt to put your heart on your sleeve, dust off the stationary, and write a love letter.


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