Is it Time To Sell YOUR House?

You already know that the wonderful people that are trying to buy a home right now are facing an extreme lack of choices (low inventory).  You have heard rumblings of prices rising in the Seattle area.  Maybe you haven’t paid much attention to all the real estate news because you are happy in your home and it doesn’t much matter to you what the real estate market is doing.

But it does matter to you.  If you have any inclination that you might want to move in the next few years, now is a good time.  If your family is growing and you need a bigger house, now is a great time.  First time home buyers are a big percentage of home buyers, and selling your “starter” home may fetch you a higher price right now, and be sold much quicker, than down the road.  And if you do sell that starter home and move up into a bigger home, you can still take advantage of slightly depressed prices and still very low interest rates.  Even a one percent increase in interest rates can decrease your purchasing power by 10%.

By selling your home, you could create a win-win situation.  Just imagine how good you will feel knowing that you helped a first time home buyer achieve the dream of a home of their own and you get to move into your dream house and take advantage of low prices.  Sounds like a story book ending to me :).

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