House Hunting Horror Stories Volume 3.0

It’s a good thing that Kelsey and Andrew have a great sense of adventure.  Yesterday, we decided to go see a few houses in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.  Two of the houses we saw had been on the market for a very long time, and in this fast-paced, competitive market, that is often a good indicator that something is very undesirable about the house.

In the second house we went into, we couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on.  Part of the house obviously was an addition, and they hadn’t even bothered to cover up the siding.  The home was vacant yet had odd pieces of furniture scattered around, a pile of 8 old-school (big and heavy) televisions, and the most noteworthy was this flag hanging above the couch.  Andrew made the comment that it looked like the kind of place they would film menacing videos to put up on you YouTube.

2013-03-16 12.23.09

After we escaped the flag house, we headed to a renter-occupied cottage with detached mother-in-law unit.  The home was very obviously tenant occupied, and the very friendly renter greeted us at the door with her big and cheerful dog in tow.  We delicately looked around the main house, trying to be gracious and respectful of the people living in the home.  We said thank you to the tenant that so kindly let us into her house and headed to see the mother-in-law cottage in the back.  I knocked on the door then knocked again.  We entered the cottage and were greeted by quite a surprise… An indoor basketball game that took up the entire living room!  After less than 60 seconds in the home, both bedroom doors opened simultaneously and two very obviously sleepy young men came stumbling out of their respective rooms.  It was so awkward, but luckily both of the late-sleeping tenants and my cooler-than average clients quickly struck up a conversation.  Andrew shot a few baskets, we high-fived the tenants, and made our way out as quickly as possible.

As with life, it is best to have a sense of adventure (and a big helping of good manners) when looking at houses.  You never know what you may run into…

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