Block Ave – The New Review Site for Your Block

People often ask me “Is this a good neighborhood?”.  That is a tough question to answer and if you asked 20 different people that same question about the same neighborhood, you would get 20 different answers.  Seattle can be so spotty.  One block can be the epicenter of everything amazing and the next block can be a run down (slightly sketchy) disaster.  How does one go about finding out if a neighborhood you’re interested in living is good or bad?

And now, there is an app for that.  A group of very smart and innovative people have designed an app called Block Ave.

A website and app dedicated to allowing individuals to rate any neighborhood.  You can rate business, schools, and transit. You can see all the local amenities and read what the locals have to say about them.  There are daily updates on crime and sex offenders.  You can also strike up a “block specific” conversation and chat with people in your neighborhood.  Although this project is in it’s infancy, I see it having the potential to be the Yelp of neighborhood reviews.   Has anyone tried Block Ave yet??

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