House Hunting Horror Stories V4.0

No one is perfect.  Today while out with Karly looking at condos and townhouses, our final stop was a cute little condo in Queen Anne with amazing water views.  It was the end of the day, and I may not have been at the top of the game.  We headed to the key box, got the keys and headed to the condo.

As we were at the front door, I could not get the key to open the door.  This happens a lot and I didn’t think much of it.  As we were struggling with the key, a nice neighbor let us into the front door.  We cruised up the elevator to the fourth floor and quickly found unit #405.  Again, we struggled with the key.  We tried each key in both the knob and the deadbolt, but neither key seemed to operate either lock.  We struggled with the keys for a few minutes with no success.  While we were attempting to get into the condo, a nice young man approached us.  He informed us that we were trying to get into HIS home.

We were all so confused!  I showed him the listing sheet and asked him if we were in the right spot.  Turns out that we were in 127 Queen Anne Ave N, NOT 133.  We had gone into the wrong building!  We apologized profusely to the kind home owner, and made our way to the correct building.

Long story short, we were lucky that the home owner of the “wrong address” was so nice and that Karly had such a great sense of humor.  I will be much more careful next time to get the right address!