Austin Bell Spring Clean and Social

At Belltowns favorite condo community, Austin Bell, we had the annual Spring Clean and Social yesterday.  Although we are a small complex (just 45 residential units), we sure know how to band together and have a good time.  Since this was our first year doing the Spring Clean, I wasn’t sure what kind of turn out to expect.  Boy was I shocked when at 10am on the dot, people started pouring out of the elevator with all sorts of household items.

We had almost 35% of the building participate in our Spring Clean and social.  It was nice to see the homeowners cracking jokes with each other, browsing through all the unwanted items, and in some cases, even taking things from the piles that they had a good use for in their own home!

It was a great day of community, coffee and donating to a good cause.  We filled my car, Bob, to the rim with everything from Christmas ornaments to over-sized rugs to wine racks.  When I arrived at the Goodwill to drop it all off, we filled up four large rolling bins full of stuff.  The associate commented that I was driving a “clown car” and couldn’t believe how much stuff we packed into one average car!  I told him it was a group effort, and one that all parties enjoyed.

Thank you to all the residents at Austin Bell and the board members of the HOA.  I look forward to another fun event at Austin Bell soon. 🙂