Happy Homeowners – Melanie and Marc!

Melanie and Marc are two of the smartest, most detail oriented and wonderfully social people I know.  We have had a fun ride over the last six months checking out condos in almost every building in Belltown.  We wanted to find a two bedroom condo, in a building with a great rooftop deck and a well run association.  We found all of that AND a condo that has two designated parking spaces (about as rare as a mall Santa in April).

One of the things I admire the most about Melanie and Marc is how incredibly nice and thankful they are.  Marc arrived to the ceremonial “handing over of the keys” with a mobile celebration kit.  It was an honor to get to join them in celebrating their first moments in their new house.

2013-11-14 19.41.22 keys please


So cheers to you, M&M!  I can’t wait for the housewarming party.  Good luck figuring out what all those keys go to 😉