Throwback Thursday – My First House!

The year was 1996.  I was 19 years old and a freshman in college.  It had always been my dream to own my very own house, and this little charmer fit the bill.

my first house

I paid $93,500 for this little house.  It was farther from campus than I had hoped for, but it was SOOOO CUTE!  I loved every square foot of that house (it boasts 762 square feet) and was in love with all the natural light.  It was built in 1927, and had all the charming character of that time.  Beautiful hardwood floors, crown moldings and spectacular trim.  But most importantly, it was mine.

In my youth I didn’t know about preventative maintenance, or really how to even mow the yard.  I learned a lot in my four years with that little house.  The most important thing I learned that it doesn’t really matter how big your house is, or if it is in the perfect location, it just has to be a place that feels like home.