Turn Your Spare Room Into Extra Income

When you bought your house, you wanted to make sure you had plenty of space.  You chose more bedrooms than you had people in your household.  You just KNEW that you would have frequent house guests, or that you would work from home, or that you had to have an art studio (or man cave).  And now that room is just collecting stuff.

If your dreams of house guests every weekend turned out to be a friend staying with you once or twice a year, and your fantasy of working from home turned out to be more of a nightmare or a pipe dream, then it is time to re-think how you use that “extra” room in your house.

This may take a little time for you to get comfortable with this idea, but what if you turned your spare room into a place for travelers to spend some time?  There is a trend sweeping the nation of people from all walks of life, different cities and neighborhoods, and different types of homes, renting out a room (or a garage etc) on a nightly basis.  The website that has gained the most press and is arguably the most popular, is AirBnB.  Depending on where you live and what kind of space you have to offer, rooms in the Seattle area range from $40 a night to $300 per night.  That means that you could make a few hundred dollars a month just by renting out a room you never use anyway.

It’s not the perfect idea for everyone.  But it might be the right idea for you…