Why Do All Of These Houses Have No Entryway?

When people tell me what they are looking for in a house, things like bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and yard space are often top of the list.  Almost never does an eager home-buyer say “I really want a GRAND entryway!”.   The entry to a home is not something most people take much notice of.   They seem to feel like “something is missing” or “this room would be hard to arrange the furniture in”, and often that is due to a lack of a formal entryway.

Look at this cute Ballard house:

no entry

Gleaming hardwood floors.  Huge picture window.  And the front door just opens up right into all of it’s glory.   The reason for this stems back to the time when this style of house was most popular, the 20’s through the 60’s.  Life was different then.  Less stuff to plug in.  Less personal space requirements.  More time together as a family.  And much less waste.  Since most of these houses were small, space was at a premium.  In order to get the most living space, it was common practice to use the front porch as a place to take off muddy boots or strip off wet coats.

So that lets us know WHY the entryway wasn’t a part of design, but how do we make it work with our modern lifestyle?  You can do lots of things to make it work.  You could embrace the “take it off on the porch” mentality of yesteryear.  You could spent $500 and have a handyman build you an entry closet.  You could create a cute DIY entryway style corner.  Or you could turn the extra bedroom into a catch-all like every other proper Seattleite.