Shipping Containers As Homes and Businesses

As you all know by now, I am fascinated with “living spaces”.   People live in all sort of different places, and it seems like something new is always around the corner.   Shipping containers have recently come into the news, and have really caught my attention.

The most commonly used container measures 45 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9 and a half feet tall.  The width of the container can prove to be the most challenging part of the dimensions, but the length and height are very livable.   They range in cost from $1,500 and up, with a good deal around $2,000.  If you have the place to put it, and the fearlessness to built it, it would make a very cool and affordable place to call home.

And now for the best part, PHOTOS!

The Newest Starbucks in Ballard:



A cabin suited for the whole family:



Modern and streamlined:

Shipping house

Happy and homey:

happy and home

Add some wood siding and it looks like a part of any neighborhood: