This Guy Bought his First Place and Didn’t Have to Move

It’s every busy/lazy/otherwise distracted bachelors dream come true.  Vaibhav (VJ for short) is now a hero amongst this friends.  He managed to buy his first condo with no bidding wars, no long days looking and places and almost no hassle.  Let me tell you the story.

VJ has been renting a condo for several years up on Capitol Hill.  One day, his landlord calls him to tell him he will need to move out in a few months because he’s going to sell the place.  VJ gets sad at the thought of having to move, and comes up with a brilliant idea to buy the place he currently lives in.   He finds me through Emmy and Rob, and fills me in on his unique situation.

We may have had a small hurdle here and there throughout the negotiation process, and the HOA gave us a bit of a panic, but in less than 2 months, VJ was the proud owner of his first place.  The only time he ever even had to leave his house was to sign his closing documents.  He never even had to pack a box or move a couch.  Now THAT’S a win-win situation!