Zillow Acquires Trulia. Meh.

Seems like a big fuss is being made about Zillow acquiring San Fransisco based Trulia.  They are both websites that give consumers access to real estate listing data and are driven and funded through advertising.  These websites are great because they provide easy to navigate information.  These websites are lousy because they provide a lot of incorrect or outdated information.  Some experts claim that this merger will revolutionize the real estate industry.  Others think that it will put most real estate brokers out of business.  For the first time in my life, I agree with Fox news that it won’t change much at all.  Unless the merge allows them to have more accurate information, I don’t think it will impact the consumer experience.  I also don’t think it will eliminate the need for a good real estate broker.  Access to information empowers the consumer, not antiquates the agent. When everyone has access to information, it makes achieving a common goal even easier.
<<This is also a good time to shamelessly plug Redfin.  They have an amazing website, accurate and up to date info, and are knowledgeable and friendly.  Here is why>>