Moselle and Eric Find a Cabin in the City

What happens when the Brazilian-born, world traveler marries the Pacific Northwest fisherman?  Why they have the cutest baby EVER and buy the perfect home.  Moselle loves the city, spending time with her large circle of friends, and is the most stylish woman I know.  Eric is incredibly smart, funny and loves all the outdoor things that our beautiful state has to offer.  Although these two seem an unlikely match, they are the perfect couple.

With core differences, we were still able to find a house that they both love.  Moselle and Eric found a house in Seattle, close enough to Mo’s friends, right next to a huge park, and in a great school district.  When you pull up to the house, it looks like a cabin, deep in the woods.  A large, wooded lot surrounds this big, gorgeous house.  Eric and Moselle will have more room than they need for entertaining, raising a family, and storing all that fly fishing equipment.

Congrats Mo and Eric!

happy family