Seattle Rain = Homebuyers BEST Friend

Surprise, surprise.  It’s raining.  It is Seattle after all.  Let me give you a BIG reason to love a heavy rainfall:

Water Damage.  It is the biggest threat to homes here in Seattle.  We don’t have hurricanes, major pest problems, or even detectable levels of radon.  What we do have is 155 days of rain a year (compared to our 226 cloudy days).  During prolonged or heavy rains, like we have had lately, the damaging effects of this rain rear their ugly head.

One of the best times to buy a house is during this rainy season.  During the summer, potential water issues are really hard to detect.  But there is no hiding from this rain, and during the inspection the house will be able to show you the whole story of how well it handles our Seattle weather.

Stay dry, stay happy!