2014 – The Most (and Least) Expensive Sales of the Year

With 2014 now behind us, the inner snoop in me was curious what the cheapest and the most expensive homes of the year were.  For your enjoyment…

The Lowest Priced Sales of 2014:

This West Seattle House sold for $68,150 on 2/26/14 to an all cash buyer.  This cute little house (just one bed, one bath and 740 square feet) needed some TLC, but you can’t beat the price!

least res

A home of your own for less than a new BMW?!?!?!  Yes you can.  This Skyway condo was a short sale, and the buyer had to pay a $2,995 fee to get the short sale negotiated.  The condo was a one bedroom, one bath and had 816 square feet. It sold for $48,200 on 2/14/14 to an all cash buyer.

condo least

On the other end of the spectrum… The most expensive homes of 2014:

This mansion on Capitol Hill sold for $7,700,000 on October 15th to an all cash buyer. With 5 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and 12,500 square feet the home is as grand as it’s price tag.  Rumor has it that Macklemore bought a house on Capitol hill this year.  Could this be the one?

big 2015


And the most expensive condo in 2014 was…

A spacious, upper floor condo at the Four Seasons Private Residences.  Amazing views, beautiful finishes, ideal location and flexible spaces make this a dream come true for any urban dweller.  The lucky new owner paid in cash an scored this beauty for only $6.1 million.

big condo

One can only imagine what 2015 has to offer.