From Ballard to Greenwood – Elliot Gets a Yard!

Ask anyone that lives in Ballard, and they will tell you how much they love it and never want to leave.  Elliot and his parents have a great townhouse in Ballard, and were living the dream of most Seattle young families.  As Elliot was getting bigger, and more mobile, along with the increasingly painful commute time for his parents, the family made the tough decision to move out of Ballard to get more space, a shorter commute and a home that would fit them for many years to come.

Team Elliot could not have been a better set of clients.  They were responsive, organized and willing to do what it takes in this competitive market to get a home.  They were able to get the first house they put an offer in on, being one of 7 offers.  The house is SO CUTE, with a great layout for entertaining, a nice backyard for Elliot and his canine best friend to play in, and plenty of off-street parking.  No more fighting for street parking in Ballard for this family!

I love it when good things happen to good people.  Elliot and his family are as sweet, organized and responsible as you can find.  Cheers to you Team Elliot!  May Greenwood be good to you and may your new home be the source of a lifetime of great new memories.

Elliots first house

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