Jeff and Jasmine – 1st Times a Charm

Jeff and Jasmine are awesome, unusual, fun and had a home buying experience like none I have ever seen.

It all started out with a lunch date.  Jeff and I were meeting for our usual quarterly lunch, and this time he brought along Jasmine (who I had heard lots of wonderful things about, but hadn’t met yet.)  As we chatted over bowls of Pho, Jeff mentioned that they had gone to see a house and that they were madly in love with.  I didn’t even know they were looking for a house, and it turns out, neither did they.

As is happening to a lot of renters in Seattle, they were facing scenarios of landlords raising rents 40-50% and they had just started to explore the idea of buying instead of renting.   After a quick Redfin search, they found a huge house in the Central District and it was love at first sight.  Long story short, we went and saw the house and put in an offer.  After a bit of negotiations, we were able to win over the sellers and have our offer accepted.  Could it possibly be that they would buy the first house they saw?!?!?


The house is HUGE!  With 3,800 square feet, 5 bedrooms,  and 3.5 bathrooms it is spacious enough for a small village.  They plan to have a few roommates, and also love to throw parties and host out of town guests, so this giant of a home suits them perfectly.   I can’t wait for the housewarming party!

girlsinjeeps   2015-07-30 17.57.13

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