#CoffeeWithChristy – Fix Coffeehouse in Greenlake

Anyone else find my monthly series of “Neighborhood Spotlight” blogs to be a bit…. boring????  Well, I did so they are officially being replaced with a new monthly series called “Coffee with Christy” .

Episode #1 – Fix Coffee at Greenlake

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I first visited Fix on Sunday afternoon during the NFC championship game.  This coffee shop serves beer and wine, and also features several large screen TV’s.  The place was PACKED with a combo of your usual football fans, a handful of people working on laptops, and a few stragglers like myself and Brian that were just looking for a cup of coffee before walking around Greenlake.  I visited Fix again the next day (Monday) and it was a totally different experience.  The coffee shop was still packed, but it was full of moms and groups of girlfriends, old guys reading books, and hipsters engrossed in their laptops or cell phones.   I was still able to score a place to sit and enjoy my hot apple cider.  Motown tunes filled the cafe, and a steady stream of customers filtered through the coffee shop.

About Fix:

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Located at 6900 E. Greenlake Way N., this coffee shop is more than just lattes and muffins.  Fix serves Stumptown coffee, beer and wine, and lots of pastries and sandwiches from local companies like Macrina bakery and Flying Apron.

2016-01-25 12.53.16

Cost for a 16oz Americano = $2.50

Atmosphere:  full, but you can always find a seat or two.  Larger parties may have trouble getting seats together.  It is a little loud, but in a festive and social way, not an obnoxious-bad-music way.

Why I will go back: They offer mimosas.  Although I didn’t have one the first two times I visited, I see one in my near future.   The coffee was also quite delicious and the staff was fairly friendly.  They are also a dog-friendly establishment, so my senior dog Bunny and I will go back to visit.

Who I was with:  My visit was with Brian, a water filter engineer and Greenlake resident.  We talked about football (and our deep despair over the Seahawks loss), how one takes their coffee as an indicator of overall personality type, and rules of etiquette when walking around Greenlake.  We also discussed how the great parks in Seattle (like Greenlake) really add to the livability of the city.  We also then discussed the rapidly increasing  housing pricing and possibility of another real estate bubble.

About the neighborhood: Greenlake is a highly desirable and central Seattle neighborhood.

  • Average sold price of a home in 2015: $658,571
  • Average sold price of a condo in 2015: $327,749
  • Average resident income: $91,638 annually
  • Average rent: $1,300 per month
  • Average resident age: 36 year old

So, who’s having coffee with me next month and where are we meeting?  My treat! 🙂


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