Curious Christy – Where Was the Money Spent?

I realize that I should be moving on from reviewing real estate data from 2015 by now.  We are 21 days into a new year and it’s time to move forward.   But I just had one last question….

What is the most common price range in Seattle?

I know what price range most of my clients are in.  I know that inventory is terribly tight in all price ranges under $1 million.  But I wanted to know, in 2015, IN Seattle, where was the money really spent?

Single Family Homes:

total SF

The most “popular” price range for single family homes in Seattle was the $400,000 – $499,000 range with 1,460 total homes sold in that price range last year.

sf data

It blows my mind that we had 2 sales under $100,000 last year.  It is also equally stunning that we had 524 homes sell for over $1.2 million.  This is an expensive town we are in!

Condos in Seattle:

condos CORRECT pie

The most “popular” price range for condos was a $200,000 – $299,000 with 747 condos selling in that price range in 2015.

numbers CORRECT condo

Condos have the most movement in the entry level price range. With almost 400 condos sold under $200,000 last year, condos are still the most accessible option for those searching for a lower price point.

So now we know.  I wonder what these numbers will look like at the end of 2016???

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