Happy Homeowners – Jeremy Conquers Capitol Hill

When I say that Jeremy CONQUERED Capitol Hill, I mean it.

Jeremy is a great guy.  He is smart, has an incredibly interesting career, and has this mischievous twinkle in his eyes when he smiles.  As with a lot of my clients, Jeremy wanted a condo on Capitol Hill.  Not an easy task in this inventory starved, multiple-offer situation market we are in.

After several duds (including one of the scariest condos I have ever been in), we found a great condo that Jeremy felt like he could call home.   It was a sweet, spacious one bedroom on lower Capitol Hill with a huge, private patio.  It was a newer condo building and the HOA was in great financial shape.  This condo was an all around win and we were going to go “all in” to get it.

2016-01-05 09.00.03

Jeremy did everything right.  He did the pre-inspection, the love letter, he was very solid financially and wrote a really strong offer.  You might not believe this, but we were one of many offers, and between us and the other top offer was ZERO difference in our offer criteria.  We offered the same price.  We had the same mortgage scenario.  How in the heck was the listing agent to choose?

Well, he chose us.  We aren’t sure why.  Could have been Jeremy wrote a more compelling offer.  Could have been that the listing agent liked me better than the agent representing the other offer.  Could have been that we were the first people in to see the condo the day it came on the market.  We will never know exactly what it was that made us the supreme winners.  I will always suspect that we won because Jeremy is one of the good guys.  And on my watch, the good guys always win.

jeremy keys

Enjoy your ideal location and beautiful new condo Jeremy.  You deserve it!

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