Our First Home! Genny and Adam Put Down Roots

For me, it was love at first sight.  Genny and Adam are this smart, sweet, analytical yet heartfelt couple that decided to embark on the crazy journey of buying their first home.  It all began over a cup of coffee…

Genny and Adam had to face a lot of the hurdles that buyers are facing in this market.  They survived limited inventory (very few houses to choose from) and a fast paced market.  They somehow even overcame the heartbreak of losing out to a different buyer on the first house we offered on.  Through it all, they remind kind, patient and level headed.

After months of learning about the process, seeing the good, the bad and the ugly, we found the perfect home.  Genny and Adam did everything right in submitting an offer, and won in a very competitive situation.


Cheers to you, Genny and Adam.  I enjoyed all of our time together, and look forward to play dates at the park and dinners in the backyard.  May this first home keep you safe, warm and be the place you build a lifetime worth of great memories.


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