How Safe is this Neighborhood?

Ah, the two questions I fear most are:

  1. What neighborhood should I live in?
  2. Is this a safe neighborhood?

Well friends, I can’t answer either of those questions.  Any answer I give could be misinterpreted as red-lining, and that is a SERIOUS violation of real estate licensing law, and overall a terrible policy that has lead to long term impacts on neighborhoods in every city.

It feels like a disservice to not be able to answer all of my clients questions.  I can not tell you what is the good/bad or safe/dangerous neighborhood.  What I can do is provide you with links to several different information sources so that you can do research on the areas of concern that matter most to you.

  • Wondering about the walk-ability of a potential new neighborhood?  Our friends at WalkScore do a great job of answering that question.
  • Wonder what the crime level is in a particular part of town?  Seattle Police Department (SPD) has a SPD Crime dashboard with all sorts of stats.
  • I use this one frequently:  The SPD also has a 911 map so you can see in-the moment activity and get a feel for the types of 911 calls each area has.
  • For a complete list of registered sex offenders, consult the Washington Association of Sherriffs website.
  • Concerned about the schools in the area?  Check out the Seattle Public Schools annual School Reports or the rankings from
  • Wondering how the parking works in an area?  The Seattle Department of Transportation has a great interactive map.
  • Curious if anything is being built next door or nearby?  Check out the Seattle In Progress for GPS enabled maps that highlight all current building permits.
  • Want to know more about your potential next-door neighbors?  Type their address into the King County e-Real Property site and get their names.  Then head to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and dig up some info on them.

These are a few great ways to get information on crime, density, walk-ability and development in an area.  If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

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