#CoffeeWithChristy – Starbucks in Belltown

Episode #3 – Starbucks at 2326 1st Ave in Belltown

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What makes this Starbucks so special?

Atmosphere:  It has to be the great people that work there.  Every single time they are funny, nice and make drinks to perfection.  The lobby also has great indoor and outdoor seating, making it a great place to escape the bustle of Belltown and chat with a friend.  The location also makes it prime for people watching.  Everyone from business men in suits, women in yoga pants toting small dogs, tourists lugging around suitcases, and Belltowns famed homeless all seem to gather in this one little Starbucks and coexist peacefully.

Why I will go back:  I have been frequenting this Starbucks for almost 10 years.  I love the central location, the FANTASTIC staff, and the variety of seating options.  This particular Starbucks has a really comfortable, friendly and urban vibe that keeps me coming back for more.

Who I was with: I had the pleasure of meeting with Jeff DuPont, the owner of my favorite painting team, Sound Painting Solutions.  We talked about real estate investing, the state of the Seattle real estate market, and the challenges of finding great contractors and repair people.  Jeff is also a real estate investor, and we are always discussing creative ways to find real estate deals, no matter what the market may be doing.

About the neighborhood: Belltown is the ONLY neighborhood in Seattle that is 99% condos (Belltown has a few single family cottages in the Belltown P-Patch, but they are City owned and will likely never hit the open market).  Belltown also boasts the highest residential density of all the Seattle neighborhoods.

  • Average sold price of a condo in 2015: $641,919
  • Current average list price for a 1 bedroom condo: $742,988
  • Number of condos currently for sale: 35
  • Average resident income: $79,889 annually
  • Average resident age: 38 years old
  • With an average household size of 1.38 people per household, this is the most childless neighborhood in all of Seattle

The Face of Belltown:

mosler lofts

This one bedroom, 1.75 bathroom condo at Mosler Lofts sold for $630,000 on 4/13/2015.  It has 1,142 square feet of living space and great views of downtown. For now.  As we well know, the Seattle skyline is rapidly changing.

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