Happy Homeowners – Anshul FINALLY buys a condo!

Some clients are easy, friendly and find a home quickly.  And there is Anshul:

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Anshul and I started working together in July.  He is smart (too smart for his own good!), responsible and incredibly social.  He is also a frequent traveler and loves the Sounders.  We argue weekly about how baseball is better than soccer, but that is a blog for another day…

He was very clear from the start that he was in no rush to buy a place.  He wanted to find the PERFECT place, for a good price, and in a very specific part of Capitol Hill.  We looked at everything that came on the market that met his criteria, which wasn’t much.  By the time October rolled around, I wrote this blog about his search, essentially saying that he was searching for a unicorn (something that doesn’t exist in reality).  Ever since that blog, I have affectionately referred to him as The Unicorn.

The Unicorn and I had a meeting in February and came to the conclusion that now was not the time to buy.  We officially called off the house-hunt.  Three days later, he sends me an email linking to a brand new listing in his ideal building.  We go the see condo the day it hits the market, and we make an offer that same night.  So much for calling off the search.

The condo that Anshul fell in love with is in the same condo building as HH, one of his best friends.  Much to our surprise, not only was the condo listed under market value, but it had no offer review date.  We submitted a compelling offer the day it hit the market, and our offer was accepted!  We ended up doing some negotiations after we were in contract to get the price down even more, essentially getting the Unicorn one of the best deals I have seen in almost a year.  Unheard of in this sellers market…

So congrats Unicorn!  You are a self-admitted pain in the ass, but you are officially my favorite pain.   I’m proud of you for standing your ground, taking your time and waiting for the right deal.  May everyone be as lucky as you are!

2016-04-14 17.36.49

We had a great time signing closing documents!  He even brought VJ to the signing.  You may remember VJ as the “Guy that bought his first place and didn’t have to move”

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