The Bickersons Buy a Home That is Everything They Didn’t Want

It all started over a cup of coffee…

We met in mid-December.  They found me through Max, and we were talking about what they wanted, where they wanted to live and all the other details that are normally discussed during a first client meeting.  As the meeting was ending, I casually told them “The place you end up buying will be nothing like the place you just described.”  I could feel the eye-rolls and polite skepticism….

The Bickersons and I looked at condos, townhouses and co-ops far and wide.  This wasn’t their first rodeo (the have both owned places before), so we were able to quickly dismiss most of the places we saw.  We saw a few places that they LOVED, but in this frenzied market, we knew that they would escalate up to a price we weren’t willing to pay.

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I love Kim and Jay.  Kim is this outgoing, energetic and smart lady, with one of the coolest careers I have ever seen.  Her counterpart, Jay, is witty, wicked smart, and says it like it is.  Both together and individually, they were great fun to be with.  They got the nickname “The Bickersons” from the common gentle arguing that would ensue when we were looking at potential homes.  They both have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to express them.


Don’t even get me started on all the ups and downs we had during this process.  This is supposed to be a “happy homeowner” blog, so I will spare you most of the details, but Kim and Jay had to endure more than there fair share of highs and lows, and they handled each one with grace and professionalism.

It’s important that you know the three “deal-breakers” that the Bickersons had when looking for their forever home:

  1.  There HAD TO BE in-unit washer and dryer
  2. The had to have an on-site, reserved parking space
  3. They have this GIANT bed frame, and they had to have a bedroom that was large enough to accommodate it.

We looked at a lot of great places, but we never seemed to find one that fit those three criteria.  Even as it became more and more apparent that it was going to be almost impossible to find all three, the Bickersons continued to hold out hope for a place that would have all three.

And then we found the place.  Jay spotted it on Redfin, and sent an email to Kim and I saying “there is obviously something wrong with this one but I don’t care.”  We went to see it, and both Kim and Jay knew this was “the one.”  Guess what??  It has a huge bedroom and will easily accommodate the giant bed-frame.  But it doesn’t have an in-unit washer dryer or on-site parking.  This is where I get to say…

I told you so!


The place they found was a co-op, and needs some updating, but has an IDEAL Capitol Hill location, great space and a huge private outdoor courtyard.  It is a really a dream come true for them, even if it is “everything they didn’t want”.  We were one of 16 offers, and we still came out victorious!  Congrats Bickersons!  In true Unicorn fashion, you stuck it out until you found your perfect place.  You will always be my Pegasuses!

 cheers  jay 2016-04-29 12.17.50

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