Move Over Barbie – This is Kens Dream House!

I love all of my clients, but Ken really stands out as one of my all-time favorites!  It warms my heart that not only did we find Ken his dream (house) condo, but it was such a pleasant and easy process for everyone involved.

Ken and I started looking at homes, townhouses and condos city-wide.  Ken wasn’t sure what neighborhood, or what type of “home” he really wanted, so we took our time exploring all the neighborhoods and different types of living spaces that Seattle has to offer.  I have never had a client cover so many miles in his house-hunt as Ken did, but luckily he was a lot of fun to be in the Jeep with and the conversation always flowed.


After scouring all the great corners of Seattle, Ken decided he wanted to call West Seattle home.  Once we narrowed down what neighborhood he wanted, the hunt really heated up.  We found several houses and one condo that Ken loved, but the first house he loved went pending the same day it came on the market, and the second house he loved had far too many issues (revealed during the inspection) for it to be the home he wanted to buy.  We even put in an offer on a condo, only to be beat out by a large amount.  Ken is a really smart and logical guy, so he knew what price he was willing to pay, and wasn’t fazed when the first condo sold for MUCH more than he felt it was worth.  My favorite Ken saying is “I refuse to compete with crazy”.  And crazy is a very accurate way to describe buyer behavior in this tight real estate market.

And then, in the strangest of places, Ken found a FANTASTIC condo, in an ideal location, and best of all… It was For Sale By Owner.  That means the likelihood of “competing with crazy” was slim to none.   I contacted the owner, we saw the condo, and put in an offer the next day.  And our offer was accepted!!!


It was a dream come true.  Ken was getting his perfect place, in his dream location, for UNDER market value and with no competition.  I still can’t believe how well it all worked out.   I love it when good things happen to great people.  Congrats Ken!  Enjoy that easy commute, beautiful hardwood floors and tons of natural light.

ken keys

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