Quick Tip Tuesday – The REAL Cost of Your Commute

Thinking of moving to the ‘burbs?  Think again!

HTT - Cost of Commute

Watch this quick video on my thoughts about moving further out than you really want to.

To break down the numbers:

To move 11 miles outside of the area you really want to live in:
  • That will add about 30 minutes, each way to your commute
  • That is an hour of your life each day, 5 hours a week and 260 hours a year (that’s almost 11 days of your life, each year, commuting.)
  • At $0.51 per mile, you are spending $11.22 each day, $78.54 each week, $314 each month and $3,370 each year.
  • If you decided to spend just half of that ($157) on an increased mortgage payment, you could afford a house that was $35,000 more than your current budget.

So friends, think about it.  What would you do with an extra hour a day, 11 days a year or extra $3,000 a year?  Is that extra bedroom, over-sized garage or third bathroom worth sacrificing your time and money for day after day?

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