Quick Tip Tuesday – Finding an Agent That Knows Your Neighborhood

Would you go to a sushi restaurant and expect to get the most delicious chicken Parmesan?   No.  You go to a sushi place to get sushi.  If you wanted Italian food, you would go to an Italian place.

Watch this quick video for my thoughts on it:

QTT - Agent Knows Area

So if you want to live in Seattle, what kind of agent should you choose to work with?  One the works all across King and Pierce Counties, or one that specializes in Seattle?  Do you want a car mechanic that works on all types of cars or specializes in YOUR specific brand?  Do you want to hop on the closest bus or the one headed to your desired destination?

I’m a firm believer that, in real estate, it is essential to be a specialist.  Find an agent that has the experience, knowledge and expertise in the area(s) you want to call home.  If Seattle or Shoreline is where you want to call home, I am your girl.   What I can’t do is cook you a delicious baked ziti or repair your Tesla….


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