Quick Tip Tuesday – Price per Square Foot

How does the cost of a cup of coffee relate to the price per square foot of a house or condo???

QQT - Pricer per sq-ft

Watch this quick video to find out!

 There is a certain cost of entry to a lot of things.  If you want a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you have to pay at least $1.85 for an 8oz cup, or you can get one twice as big for $2.25.  You can get into a Mariners game and sit in the center field bleachers for $12, or you can pay $24 for view level seats.  It all boils down to the cost to get “into the game”.

When you are buying a house, the smaller homes and condos almost ALWAYS have a higher price per square foot than the larger ones do.  That boils down to the fact that there is a certain minimum expenses to owning a home.  The larger that home is, the more space there is to spread that fixed expense out on.

So don’t fret small space dwellers.   It is just a cost of doing business and you will certainly recoup that expense if you sell.

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