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Episode #6 – Storyville Coffee at 94 Pike St. #34

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What makes this coffee shop so special?

Storyville is a for-giving company that donates large portions of it’s profits to organizations to end human trafficking.  Storyville roasts their own coffee, and has been doing so since 2006.   This location (in the heart of Pikes Place Market), also adds to the cool factor.  Each cup of coffee or espresso is hand crafted with love, and served in beautiful cups.

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This location is a fantastic combination of dark and light.  The furniture is a combo of leather and metal, reclaimed wood tables and benches, and the back wall features a beautiful fireplace.  The only external wall features huge, cathedral style windows that showcase the beauty of the market and the Puget Sound.   Edison bulbs hang from the ceiling and the main seating area features a giant game of Chinese checkers.

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Why I will go back:

The coffee was delicious.  The atmosphere was both cozy and bright, and had a great buzz of energy from both tourists and locals alike.  It always feels good to support a business that has a greater good outside of profit.  And, this is a great place to take someone that has never been.  Knowing about this coffee shop adds to my “coffee street cred”. 🙂

Who I was with:

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my best friend, Jason King.  Jason is the founder and owner of CondoSites (websites for condo communities).  Of course we talked about coffee, since we are both avid coffee drinkers and used to meet for coffee 3 – 4 times a week before he sold his Belltown condo and moved to San Diego last year.  We also talked about condos, specifically the challenges that come with owning and living in one.  We both plan to write a novel about the importance of understand the implications of the information provided in a resale certificate and how to spot a special assessment coming.

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About the neighborhood:

Downtown is best known for the skyscrapers and nightlife, but surprisingly, it is home to 67,000 people (almost 10% of the Seattle population!).   82% of downtown residents are renters, and 42% boast a car-free lifestyle.  The average age is younger than the Seattle average, the household size is smaller, and the median income is lower.

  • Average sold price of a condo in 2015: $803,977
  • Current average list price for a condo: $1,979,386 (yes, over a million dollars!)
  • Number of condos currently for sale: 53
  • Average resident income: $66,822 annually
  • Average resident age: 36 years old
  • Average household size of 1.4 people
The face of Downtown:

Downtown SOLD

This one bedroom condo at the Cristalla (2033 2nd Ave.) sold on 5/19/2016 for $808,000.  The condo boasts sweeping views, world class amenities and an ideal downtown location.   With just one bedroom, one bathroom, and one private patio, this 928 square foot condo sold for over $870 per square foot.   City living can be pricey!


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