#CoffeeWithChristy – Herkimer Coffee on Dexter

Episode #6 – Herkimer Coffee at 901 Dexter Ave N.

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What makes this coffee shop so special?

Herkimer is a coffee company that is dedicated to sustainable coffee.  They have three Seattle locations, one here on Dexter, one in Ravenna, and one in Phinney Ridge.  The care that they put into preparing every cup of coffee is obvious, and the flavor of the coffee is amazing!

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Although this coffee shop is fairly small, it lives large with great design details and lots of natural light.   Seating is available both upstairs and downstairs,  giving plenty of options to sit by the front window and be social, or tuck away upstairs on your laptop and get work done in peace and quiet.

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Why I will go back:

This is the closest, non-Starbucks coffee shop to my house and office.  The coffee is really good, there is always a place to sit, and I love to support a business that has such an outstanding and globally focused business model.

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Who I was with:

This time, I was solo.  I had an hour to kill before I met up with Max for lunch on Queen Anne, and decided to enjoy a great cup of coffee and catch up on emails.

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About the neighborhood:

This location is situated in the up and coming neighborhood that doesn’t really have it’s own established name yet.  Some call this Westlake, some call this Queen Anne, some call it Dexter and some call this South Lake Union.  Regardless of what you call it, this neighborhood (that also happens to be the neighborhood I call home), has seen a huge boom in popularity and construction, mostly fueled by all of the Amazon development.

The face of Dexter:


This two bedroom, 1.75 bath bungalow sold in April for $430,000.  With 1,260 square feet of living space and a little tiny lot, it was still one of the more affordable homes sold in April.


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