#QTT – Beware the Oil Furnace

Does your dream home have an oil furnace???

QTT - Beware The Oil Furnace

Watch the 57 second video here

The second home I bought had a 70 year old oil furnace in it when I bought the house.  The furnace worked for the next 3 years,then decided to go belly up three days after I went on the market.   And dealing with replacing an oil furnace was one of the biggest and most expensive hassles of my adult life.

Almost no one in the past 25 years has chosen to install an oil furnace.  They are inefficient (by todays standards), expensive to run (oil prices fluctuate just like gas prices), and they can be a huge environmental concern.   So think twice before buying the home with the oil furnace.   It may end up a bigger headache than you anticipated.

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