That’s CHRAY! Rachel and Chris Buy Their First Home!

Good things come to those that wait…

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Sometimes, buying a home can be a real roller coaster.   Rachel and Chris certainly had more than their fair share of up and downs during their home purchase.  They had to battle inspection responses, delayed tax parcel ID numbers, and even missing keys.   Throughout the entire process, they were level headed, polite and patient.

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Rachel and Chris are great kids!  (When I say kids, it is a term of endearment, they are both very successful and capable adults).  Chray (the nickname for Chris and Rachel), are a dynamic team.   They are both incredibly smart, have great attention to detail, and work wonderfully together.   It was such a joy to be a part of this home buying adventure with them!   This is their first home, both individually, and together.

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They chose this AMAZING modern townhouse in West Seattle that is just steps to the water and has killer views from the master suite.   The townhouse features a combination of modern elements, such as exposed ducting and high ceilings, and rustic charm including reclaimed wood floors and a barn door on the guest suite.   It is a stunning home and perfectly suited for this great couple.

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Congrats to you Chray Chray!   You bought the perfect place and I hope you enjoy many years together in your new home!

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