Happy Homeowners! – Marrianne and Sergio Find a Way Home

It’s still a tough market out there for buyers in Seattle, but this fun and funny family beat the odds and landed the SWEETEST  house in all of NW Seattle.


I first met Marrianne years ago.  She was a tenant on my favorite little houseboat and we became friends.  She ended up buying her own houseboat and living happily on it for several years.  In other good news, she also met her dream guy while she was living aboard.  After what felt like forever living together on the boat, they decided to take the big step and buy a house that would be a bit more comfortable for them and their family.


Sergio and Marrianne were able to snag an AMAZING house at a good price, and without being in a multiple offer situation.  Their (now) home came on the market late one Wednesday afternoon.  We went to see it that night, and submitted our offer the next morning. Thanks to our quick action, we were able to get our offer accepted before other offers could come in and beat us out!   The inspection and appraisal both went smoothly, and we were even able to close on-time.

I love it when good things happen to great people. I wish the whole crew many years of wonderful memories and laughs in their new house.  Congrats!

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