Perfect in EVERY Way – Joe Lands in West Seattle

I love all my clients, but about once a year, a client comes along that steals my heart from the first moment I meet them.   And this funny, smart and gregarious guy was that client for 2016!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Joe Mayo:

Joe had the usual ups and downs of this frenzied real estate market.  He saw some good houses, some decent houses and a few scary house.  We attempted offers on several homes, but they didn’t pan out for one reason or another.

Just when we thought hope was lost (and I happened to be out of town on a road trip), Joe went to an open house and found his dream home.  We managed to work together even though we weren’t in the same city, and submit and get our offer accepted.  Was this real?   Did Joe just score a perfectly remodeled home without other buyers to fight off?

Yes he did!  And in 30 short days later, he was the proud owner of this West Seattle charmer. 

Congrats Joe!  The neighborhood is lucky to have you, I am so thankful for your energy and enthusiasm and I look forward to inviting myself over once you put in that hot tub!


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