Third Times a Charm – Peter Scores in Ballard!

Some people end up getting the first house they put an offer in on.  Some people end up putting three different offers on the same house before they get it.  Peter is a part of the second club.


Peter and I had quite the adventure together.  We looked at houses from Lynnwood to Burien and everywhere in between.  We looked at condos, we looked at townhouses, and we even looked at a duplex.  This kid was open to almost any type of home, and it feels like we saw 75% of all the homes for sale in the months of October and November.   But then, out of nowhere, Peter fell in love with Ballard (as most people do).  And from that moment on, he only wanted a house in Ballard.

  And against all odds, we found one.  We put in an offer.  It was rejected.  We waited two weeks and put in a better offer.  It was also rejected.  And finally, on the third offer, those stubborn sellers finally accepted our offer.   30 days later, Peter was the proud owner of his first home.

Congrats Peter!  Ballard is a great neighborhood.  May you and your adorable dog have many happy years there :).

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