#QuickTipTuesday – Beware the View!

Seattle has a lot of homes and condos with AMAZING views.

Watch the 57 second video here.

But for how long will you have that view???

  We all know that Seattle is booming with construction.   The condo that currently has unobstructed water views could end up facing another high-rise just 15 feet away in 5 years.  The home with the peek-a-boo view of Greenlake could lose that view when they build 4 new townhouses across the street.

  To sum it up, take a look at the land and/or buildings that are between you and that view you love.  Is there a small, old and run-down building that is prime for a developer to snatch up?  Does the house across the street seem like it’s seen better days and has an over-sized lot?  These and many others are easy targets for developers and flippers   Make sure you mentally assume the worst when choosing you next home!

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