Happy Homeowners – Myron, Abbie and (soon to be) BABY Get Their First Home

Some photos are worth a thousand words…

What an amazing way for Abbie and Myron to announce both their first home and their first baby!

I’ve had the joy of knowing these two for almost a decade.  We met at Starbucks and it was love at first sight.  These two have been working and saving and plotting and planning to buy their first house for 2 years now.  They are living proof that if you set a budget, keep your bigger priorities in mind, and work your butt off, you can actually buy a house!

  We saw a lot of duds.  We saw a home that was “all that and then some”, but knew it would end up selling for way over our budget.   And then we found THIS house:

It was perfect in (almost) every way!   It was a bit further South than they wanted to live, but it was in the budget, in excellent condition, and had plenty of space for their growing family.

Way to go kids!  Enjoy that spacious new home!

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