#QuickTipTuesday – The Final Walk-Through

When you are the buyer, you are allowed to take a final walk-through of the home you are buying BEFORE you sign the final documents.

Watch the video here.


According to the language in the purchase and sale agreement, you are given the option to take one final visit to the home you are about to buy to ensure all the major systems (heat, hot water, appliances) are still functioning as they did when you put in your offer to buy the house:

      ” Seller shall either repair or replace any system or appliance that becomes inoperable or malfunctions prior to closing with a system or appliance of at least equal quality.”

Why does this matter?

Because things break.   Today we did a final walk through on a house that is in great condition and is fairly new (built in 1999), only to discover that the hot water heater is no longer working.  If we hadn’t taken the time to do the final walk-through, we wouldn’t have known about the hot water heater.  Since we discovered it BEFORE closing, it is the sellers responsibility to either fix it or replace it.

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