Buyer READY! – An overview

It IS Possible to Buy a Home in Our Current Real Estate Environment.


The news is filled with stories about the frenzied pace of Seattle real estate.  Some of you may have friends that have been trying to buy a house, but keep getting “beat out”.   That doesn’t have to happen to you!

My goal is to get YOU into the house you want.  When we work together, using the 8 steps outlined below, we can be set up for success to get you into a home in our hot real estate climate.

Watch the intro video here.

Each of these steps will have their own video and blog, but here is the overview:

1) Work with the RIGHT Lender:

  The lender you choose is 100% the biggest factor that will make or break your chances of winning in a competitive market.

2) Get Pre-Approved BEFORE You Look at Houses

  Take the time before you look at houses to make sure the lender has ALL your information and can get that information reviewed by the underwriter.

3) Have ALL Your Down-Payment Funds Liquid

 Most of us have some of our down payment money in stocks, overseas, or will be getting gift money from a family member.  You want to make sure all that money is in your checking account before you put in an offer on a home.

4) Look at Homes Priced UNDER Your Max Budget

   In June, homes in Seattle sold for an average of 107% of their original listed price.  In order to give yourself room to be competitive, look at homes 10% under your max budget.

5) Move Quickly – Understanding the Timeline

  The average home in Seattle is on the market for just 11 days.  Understand how important it is to move quickly so you have time to do all of your legwork before offers are due.

6) Complete Your Inspections PRIOR To Submitting Your Offer

  Most sellers expect you to complete any inspections on the home before you even put in your offer.  Making time for a complete home and sewer inspection before you put in your offer is critical.

7) Choose Your “Strategies for a Competitive Offer”

   So many different ways to create a compelling offer.  We discuss the 20+ different things you can do to make your offer more appealing to the seller and stand out from the other offers you are competing against.

8) Submit a Strong and Complete Offer

   After all that hard work, we take few more steps to really create and submit an offer that will impress the seller and the listing agent, and (hopefully) make you the winning bidder.

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