Happy Homeowners – The K! Family Finds a Way Home

It may not be easy, but with the right attitude, a ton of preparation and the ability to move quickly, this amazing family was able to buy their first home!

 It is hard to find a better family than this!  They are the type of people that always seem to be smiling, that bring the joy and laughter wherever they go, and somehow manage to always make the best Halloween costumes. 

 The K! family are long-time Seattle area residents, and faced the uphill battle that most first-time buyers are facing in this market.  We saw SO MANY houses.  Some good ones, lots of TERRIBLE ones, and even one with a real-life outhouse.  Throughout the ups and downs, the offers that weren’t accepted and the heartbreak of homes selling before the offer review date, these kids remained positive.

And then it happened.  A house with all the “must-haves”.  A house with more than one bathroom!  A house with lots of parking.  A house with a great floorplan and a swing set in the back yard for the little one.  And this house had NO offer review date!   The K! family moved fast.  We saw the house the day it hit the market and put in our offer that night.  Even with moving at that rapid pace, we still weren’t the only offer.  But we managed to win!!!!

  All the heartbreak.  All the houses that got away.  All the fears that we would never find and win them a house.  All those sad and bad vibes are now light-years behind us.  Because these great people found and got “the house”.

Enjoy that first house!  I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful things you are going to do to it. 


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