Buyer READY – Step #4 – Look At Homes UNDER Your Max Budget

This is the step that is most likely to really bum you out…

Watch the video here.

 Last month, in Seattle, single family homes sold for 105% of the listed price and condos sold for 106% of the listed price.   This means that if a condo is listed at $500,000, it sold for, on average, $530,000.

It has been YEARS since homes sold, on average, for less than they are listed for.  In order for you to set yourself up for success, it is important that you look at homes that are listed for LESS than the amount you want to spend.  By limiting your search to homes 5-10% under your maximum budget, you will have the financial wiggle room to submit a strong offer and be the winning bidder on your dream house.



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