Buyer READY! – Step #6 – Complete Your Inspections BEFORE You Submit Your Offer

This is the step that can get expensive….

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 In most cases, the sellers are expecting you to complete all of your inspections before you even submit an offer.  That means that you will need to get a home inspection AND a sewer scope done prior to submitting your offer.

Why this (kinda) stinks:

Inspections aren’t free.  A home inspection will run you between $300 – $650 and a sewer scope between $250-$300.  Those are all reasonable costs associated with inspecting a home, but it can sting if you complete these inspections and then end up not being the winning bidder.   Trust me, we will discuss your offer strategies before I advise you to get your pre-inspections.  If I think you have a very small chance of winning at the price you are able or willing to offer, I will suggest you do NOT invest in the pre-inspections.

Why do we have to do the inspection first?   Last time I bought a house, the seller let me do the inspections AFTER they accepted my offer…

That is the way it used to be.   And now sellers are completely in control.  They will likely have more than one offer on their home, and they will choose the offer that has the least contingencies and the highest offer price.  If you fail to complete your inspections before you submit your offer, you are making you offer MUCH less appealing than any other offer that has already done the inspections and is not making the sale contingent upon an inspection.

One final point:

I do NOT want you to waive inspection.   It is easy as a buyer to get so wrapped up in this frenzied market that you are willing to do almost anything to get a house.  The money you “save” by not having an inspection will end up costing you 100X over in unexpected issues and needed repairs.  This is the largest purchase of your life.  Get the proper inspections so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into!


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