#QuickTipTuesday – Vacant Lot? Not for long!

Seattle is growing like crazy! 

We have the fastest growing population of any city in the nation.  Where are all of us going to live?!?!?   In order to accommodate our increasing population, Seattle is building infill housing, therefore creating a much more dense housing landscape.

Watch the video here.

So my words of wisdom for you to today are about looking at the homes and lots that are adjacent to your potential new home.  A vacant lot will almost surely be developed into new housing, and small (run-down) homes on large lots are also at a high risk of getting torn down in order to build more compact housing, such as townhouses.

So look around.  My favorite app for getting the scoop on proposed land use projects is Seattle In Progress.   Take a peek at the app, scour the neighborhood, and make sure that any potential re-development wouldn’t negatively impact your experience living in your new home.

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